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Live Rosin Hash

This is the ultimate connoisseur grade solventless extraction, because it is made using fresh frozen cannabis from our inhouse cultivation at Baba Ku. This process includes collecting the buds after harvest and freezing them until they are ready to be processed. this results in better terpenes and flavor because you are eliminating the drying and curing. Normally the drying and curing process can eliminate a big percentage of the plants terpenes, which is why this is huge: starting with only the highest quality of fresh frozen cannabis and using a 100% solventless extraction system, this form of extract does not involve any solvents, such as butane or propane, to remove trichome heads from the cannabis plant we agitate the material in an ice-cold water washing system.

After agitation the final product is collected using a series of fine screens and creates “water hash”. The water hash is then freeze dried to provide even drying and to prevent microbial growth. after the drying process the water hash can be sold as-is or taken a step further by creating “live rosin” using only heat and pressure. this live rosin process is done with a rosin press. this process allows us to capture the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes to give the consumer the closest representation of the live cannabis plant and its effects.


Our terp diamonds are created from fresh frozen plant material using our exotic genetic line of flavors creating one of the most fragrant and potent of all concentrates. this process is very time consuming and can take weeks to grow proper crystals with the highest of quality control standards in mind. our technique includes separating the THCa crystals to create large crystals, followed by high terpene being drizzled over the top of the crystals which will result in a powerful concentrate with flavor for days.