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Who is Baba Ku?

From the great Hindu Kush Mountain range in Afghanistan, our founder Nisar Yusufi hails from the same birthplace as the cannabis plant but also the great legend of Baba Ku.

For those who don’t know, most of today’s famous cannabis strains originated from a handful of Afghan genetics. Since the beginning of time, cannabis has always played an important role in Afghan culture and heritage. It wasn’t until the early part of the twentieth century that this well-kept secret garden began to be known by westerners.

In popular cannabis culture, the well traversed Hippie Trail, which stretched from London to Kathmandu, was a place of magic and wonder where the great cannabis civilizations of the east and west met. The travelers on that trail were united in their love of a mystical plant. Even some of the more strait-laced scientists who were on expeditions throughout the region came to appreciate the cultural bonds found in the cultivation and consumption of Afghan cannabis.

In the late 1960’s, the Hippie Trail’s legend only grew as cannabis pioneers from all over came to discover some of the most beautiful and flourishing hashish-producing places on the planet. So many of the epic cannabis strains we enjoy today are directly related to strains collected along that trail all those years ago. Mythical strains, such as Skunk, AK 47 or Northern Lights, come from crossing Colombian, Mexican and Thai strains with Afghan strains. Classics like Cheese, Sour Diesel, and Blueberry are also clear genetics from Afghan strains; consequently, these classic strains have produced many other hybrids which are currently commercialized.

Today, professional genetic databases around the globe are filled with thousands of different varieties of cannabis strains. Each of them has a story and many of them are well known by name. Without the invaluable input of these excellent strains, current cannabis genetic business would be impossible.

That’s brings us to Baba Ku.

Regarded as the father of cannabis or hashish, Baba Ku’s legend has spread from a small remote village in Afghanistan to every corner of the globe. Legend has it, that he was sent here to populate the world with cannabis and to introduce hashish-making technology. He was an herbal healer of the highest order, who traveled the countryside healing patients with hashish.

In folk art, Baba Ku is often portrayed with a huge water pipe holding mountain stream cooled water. The fresh flowing water circulated up through the bottom of the pipe to cool the smoke.

Before his death Baba Ku gave a handful of cannabis seeds along with an allotment of gold to ten noble Afghan families who were charged with carrying on the important work of cultivating the healing herbs. His vision was ambitious, but those families kept their word and achieved his goal to spreading cannabis throughout the world. It is this work that we strive to continue today in their honor.

As founder of the Baba Ku cannabis brand, Nisar Yusufi blends his great admiration for the history and cultural significance of Afghanistan together with his passion for pheno hunting and cultivating elite cannabis genetics. Baba Ku cannabis embodies the best of the Afghan cultivar heritage as it showcases the highest traditions of the cannabis story.

It really is amazing when you remember that it all started from a just handful of seeds that have now spread throughout the world bringing diverse cannabis genetics to breeders, processors, and consumers alike. As a family-owned farmer owned business Baba Ku looks forward to sharing our passion for the plant through the art and science of cultivating some of the most elite strains on the market. We take pride in what we do and we hope that shows in our end product.